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What we offer:

Botanical Search – we find plants which are not offered everywhere.

In a book, a magazine, the neighbours garden, in a park or at a show you saw a plant you would like to have but no one offers it? You want to complete your collection? Ask us!
Dependently of how unusual or rare the plant is – if it is anywhere in the trade, we find it.
Some plants are so rare that it can take a long time to find it but we try to find every plant, independently how difficult it is.

What ever you would like to have – to ask for it is free and if we are successful and can make you a definitive offer with a price of the plant you decide whether you want the plant or not.

Additional we offer an assortment of unusual and rare plants which you can find in our catalog.

Special lists from time to time completing our offer. Here you can find special kinds of plants which don´t escape in the regular catalog.




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