About us

Pflanze und Co. is a family business with an extensive assortment of unusual and rare plants, most of them grown by our own.
What we don´t have usualy we can get and for the really unusual plants we offer our Botanical Search which allows you to ask for an unusual or rare plant without any obligation. We will try to get it and if we can, we send a mail with all details about price, size of the plant, delivery modalities and then you decide whether you would like to have one or more or none of them.

You can find us by internet or at national and international shows and plant markets.

Opening times by appointment gives us the possibility to take the time especially for you and the plants you would like to have.


The Pflanze und Co. Team

The chiefs of the service Werner and master gardener Renate Brinkers with knowledge and phantasy – responsible for collecting, increasing, culture, consultation, sale, packing, watering, fertilizing, phone service and all other activities which needs a thumb.

Werner Brinkers Renate Brinkers mit Tiger und Felix

Unser Hund Cass mit Kater FelixUnsere Hündin Maggie

“The Tiger” and Felix - responsible for biological fight of parasit´s. Maggie and Cass, professional sheepdogs – responsible to keep everything with joy together.




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